Imagine yourself buying the every first item you see in a store at a Black Friday without considering its use or utility. What do you see?
Definitely! You will see a person who has run out of money in no time and has a number of items in hand which are not of his any use or of some use but not in a near future.
Unfortunately, this trend will be followed by 85% of the population on this Black Friday too. Be a standout by spending smartly not only to get better value of the purchase but also draw maximum emotional satisfaction:
The priority list could be made by thinking logically in following way:
1. What do you need the most at the moment?
2. Which clothing you want to buy throughout the year but did not able to do so?
3. Which expensive items like electronics and other luxuries will be a must replace within next 3 months?
4. When did I last gave an expensive gift to my father, mother, sister, brother or my BAE?
5. Which items you can sell out yourself in future if bought in bulk (like an investment)?
6. Which of the item you can use to present yourself as a positive unique personality?
The don’ts for a purchasing strategy in a Black Friday sale are as under:
1. Don’t fall out for attractive and eye catching colors which are being used as a marketing strategy to not only attract but psychologically induce to take actions especially in case of red colors.
2. Don’t feel extravaganza with the aroma and music played out in the store. Always focus what have you prioritize and stick to it.
3. Don’t roam around unnecessarily as products are placed in a way to lure you at the worst possible way, focused approach is the key.
Last but not the least don’t feel ill about a store as it is their right to turn every stone to get a sale as it is their bread and butter. Similarly, don’t think that if you buy with focus they will lose a sale because they get there sale as humans are so entirely common yet different from each other that items which you categorized as unnecessary are almost a matter of life and death necessary to another person.
Hope you get this blog helpful in this year shopping craze of Black Friday, looking forward to hear your feedback.

Joseph Jonah Jacob (JJJ)