Jewelry (Metal) Tarnishing – 10 Tips to Delay

Tarnishing of Metal Jewelry and Death of a living thing is an evident phenomena that cannot be eliminated. However, there are ways under which the rate of their arrival can be delayed or slow down. These ways ranges from avoiding the metal rings, earrings, bangles and other jewelry items from exposure to humid conditions to use of effective anti-tarnishing chemicals. Following are the 10 ways through which you can add life to your metal jewelry.

1. Remove jewelry prior to contact any water that contains Chlorine like swimming pools, tap water
2. Evade contact with food
3. Avoid contact while spraying perfumes or hair sprays during make up which means it is a better
idea to put your on after you have finished make up.
4. Keep humid conditions environment as minimum as possible. For places where such environment
cannot be denied, use air tight bags.
5. Clean your jewelry every time you use it
6. Remove your rings or other jewelry items while cooking
7. Any wax can be used to polish the metal which has a PH Neutral value
8. Ensure that specially designed extra soft metal cleaning cloths which won’t scratch metal
9. Use of Water based Acrylic lacquers also helps out in delaying tarnishing
10. Do not use toothpaste to clean metal against a common belief that it will delay tarnishing
because it can scratch metal as it contains micro granules.

Once again, you cannot deny it (tarnishing) but can delay it with just a little attention, alertness of mind, discipline and smart use of technology.

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