Black Friday 2019

Black Friday Sale

November 29, Black Friday will be held . It is the best day to anticipate the Christmas shopping at the best price and without running the risk that the most desired products run out.

Throughout this week, at, we will select the best Black Friday deals in the recent times every day. There are few days left for Nov 29 when Black Friday will be held.

When is Black Friday?

Next November 29 is the much desired Black Friday 2019. The so-called black Friday has become in recent years the day of the highest number of purchases before Christmas. The shops put great offers to provoke massive purchases.

Black Friday is always celebrated the day after the celebration of the well-known Thanksgiving Day in the US, that means that it does not have a fixed day but it is celebrated the day after the fourth Thursday of November.

This year Black Friday i.e. Black Friday 2019 is November 29.

Why is it called black friday?

In the 60s the traffic in Philadelphia the day after Thanksgiving was very dense. The streets were crowded with people and cars moving from one place to another. It was at that moment when the traffic police began to coin the term of Black Friday to define the situation. Little by little it spread to the other states that also suffered heavy traffic that day.

With the passage of time the term began to adapt to the situation of the shops. The dreaded September cost makes shops suffer a few months of red numbers in the absence of buyers. Friday after Thanksgiving is considered the first day of Christmas shopping so that the accounts of many stores go from red to black numbers thanks to the expense that occurs in a single day. So the denomination of Black Friday happened to encompass much more than the traffic.

Many businesses take the opportunity to put succulent offers to claim the attention of buyers and by tradition many give their employees free day, which ends up contributing to the increase in the number of purchases, since there are more potential buyers.

In 1975, The New York Times already spoke of a black day referring to the tumult that takes place in the streets of New York on the day after Thanksgiving.

Tips to buy better

Make a list

Although it may sound obvious it is convenient to be clear about what we want to buy during sales. In this way we will go straight to find what we want and we will not get carried away by the outstanding products that businesses want us to take.

It is difficult because the temptation when there are offers is even greater but if we have clear our wish list it is easier that we do not fall too much in meaningless purchase.

Write down the prices

It is ethically and morally illegal but unfortunately it has been detected that year after year that there are stores that raise prices days before Black Friday so that later the discount on the price seems greater. This supposes a deceit to the consumer.

In advance check the prices of the things you want to buy and enter the exact price without discount, so you can better compare the discount applied and know if you are interested. You will also unmask those cheater stores that want to take advantage.


The products vary in price from one establishment to another, so it is convenient to visit several physical or online stores before buying. It may be that a discount in one establishment is only the usual price in another.

Get a budget

It is very important to know the maximum money we can spend on Black Friday, so we can fit all the products on our wish list before thinking about buying other things. If we are lucky enough to not reach the maximum we will always have two options: save it for something else or get carried away by the temptations of the shopping day. A self-gift always feels good.

Check the guarantees

Before buying during sales periods such as Black Friday, it is convenient to review the payment and return optionsthat the merchant has. Compare between stores to find out which one compensates you.

As in sales periods, the store must have the initial and final price visible with the discount. If you do not accept card payments or change your return policy, you must announce it clearly and visibly.


When shopping abroad on black friday 2019, keep in mind that depending on where it comes from and the size and weight of the package, it will pass through customs and may be charged to receive it. It is advisable to get advice before buying so that there are no unpleasant surprises.